Patren compatibility with Amazon Select Program (KU)

Hello writers,

A while ago, I have this question stagnant. As you may know, due to the recent events of COVID-19 tangible rewards/merch have been left in the background. I mainly work in digital (short ebooks) and I wondered how writers who also publish on Amazon Select (especially, Kindle Unlimited) do it. I would have to remove old content from Patreon to fulfill the exclusivity that KU demands, I was thinking of transforming ebooks into audiobooks to replace them in Patreon, since, as I understand it, Amazon Select doesn’t require for exclusivity with audiobooks, only with the ebook.

What am I going to do? What other formats, apart fisical book and audiobook, can I generate from a work to upload it on Patreon and maintain exclusivity with Amazon Select?

I am very interested to know your experiences :slight_smile:

Bonita Hakone

PS: Excuse my writing. English isn’t my native language.

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