Patren compatibility with Amazon Select Program (KU)

Hello writers,

A while ago, I have this question stagnant. As you may know, due to the recent events of COVID-19 tangible rewards/merch have been left in the background. I mainly work in digital (short ebooks) and I wondered how writers who also publish on Amazon Select (especially, Kindle Unlimited) do it. I would have to remove old content from Patreon to fulfill the exclusivity that KU demands, I was thinking of transforming ebooks into audiobooks to replace them in Patreon, since, as I understand it, Amazon Select doesn’t require for exclusivity with audiobooks, only with the ebook.

What am I going to do? What other formats, apart fisical book and audiobook, can I generate from a work to upload it on Patreon and maintain exclusivity with Amazon Select?

I am very interested to know your experiences :slight_smile:

Bonita Hakone

PS: Excuse my writing. English isn’t my native language.

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Hi, Bonita! I’m also an indieauthor published in Amazon’s Kindle Select Program. The way I understand it, the exclusivity is just for the ebooks that your published in that program so if you have any short stories that you’ve not released that way, I’d use those as you as your ebook rewards. Also, Kindle Select does allow you to post a sample (first five chapters if I remember correctly) of an ebook on other sites and still meet their exclusivity requirements. Another idea would be to create short stories that are related to your KU books, but are only available to your Patreon patrons.