Patreon Account Suspended, need help!

I am helping a fellow Patreon creator make a complaint, here is their message "My account (ManicMinxy) on Patreon was suspended due to issues with nudity and incest. This was more 3 weeks ago and since I’ve been responding to the TnS Patreon Support team who are extremely negligent. I was cycled between 5 members of the TnS team, provided with no replies for days and when I do get replies they are extremely vague.

I have made the necessary changes to comply with Patreon’s rules. I notified this to the TnS team 7 days ago without reply. This is against the “7-days a week” support that Patreon promised in their twitter announcement.

I have the lost pledges I am financially dependent on, and severely financially disadvantaged and I am still awaiting their reply.

I’ve made 2 complaints which still haven’t been answered by Patreon (made more than 5 days ago), and tweeted Patreon directly which haven’t been answered."

“Please review and unsuspend my account”

Hey @PingPanda, let me investigate with the team for this creator today. Please pass on my apologies to ManicMinxy for the delay in hearing back and I’ll keep you posted when I hear back!

Thank you so much, it was you that got me my account back and knew you’d be the one to help my friend =] you’re the best mindy :smiley:


aww shucks, :blush: I’ve been informed the creator has been helped and replied to! hope that’s all sorted now :slight_smile:

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