Patreon acquires Memberful!

Today we’re so excited to announce Patreon’s acquisition of Memberful! This adds a white label membership solution to our growing product portfolio. Together, we’ll now be able to offer a wider range of options for building and managing a successful membership program.

Full details of the acquisition and what this means here :point_down:


Hello, first time commenting, thanks for the invite!
I’ve read the link above and investigated what memberful is, but I’m still unclear on what additional services they will be contributing that Patreon doesn’t already offer? I am intrigued by the gift membership mentioned… but unsure what exactly this means for creators who are using Patreon?


I definitely fall into the ‘love Patreon, the service it provides and the community of creators too much to ever run membership 100% myself on my own website’. No getting rid of me :wink:


thanks for the question! for creators who are on either platform already, nothing will be changing at this point.

Jack, Patreon founder and CEO, explained in this interview a bit about the additional services part of your question:

there’s a whole segment of the market that doesn’t want to build a membership business on someone else’s platform, they want full control of the branding, they want full control of the experience. Right now Patreon is unable to serve that market, if we were to build that, it would be a completely separate thing. Working with the Memberful team accelerates us into that market segment, so it gives us a very big head start. I would say mostly that’s where the value is.

there’s a market segment that we are unable to serve right now, and Patreon’s mission is to fund the creative class. That’s not a small thing: we want to serve all creators, all creative people who are putting things either online or even in person, and this is a way to accelerate our progress to our mission.

Hope that helps! I’d take a look at some of the creators on Memberful to see how they’re using it versus creators on Patreon.

Oh I see! Thank you for the clarification and quick response! :slight_smile: