Patreon and Instagram connect 📸

It’s finally here!

You can now connect your Patreon profile to your Instagram account. Just like you’ve added the little Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch connect icons, you can now add your Instagram profile to your Patreon profile for patrons to easily navigate to your Instagram page.

Set it up here:

and here’s what it looks like live:

Huge shoutout to @lisavollrath who’s been asking for this for a while, tagging in @Temrin @joumana @gareth.southwell @eric13music who also expressed interest in this feature :slight_smile:


Yaaaaay thanks Mindy!

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YAY. This is huge. I <3 Patreon. Ya’ll are so good. As Jack often says, you are the best (and sometimes it feels like the only) company who is always doing the right things to make a better platform for us. So much appreciation. ~Kari, Celestial Blue Music :smiley:

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Woohoo! Connected! thanks so much!

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…and there was much rejoicing…

Thank you!


this is great, thank you for the notice + easy instructions!


That’s fantastic!

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