Patreon App Posting Limitations

Hey everyone!

I’m wondering if there are any plans to update the Patreon app in regards to posting content.

I find that I’m very limited as to what I can post on my mobile device in comparison to my computer. I feel that I speak for a lot of creators when I say that not everyone will have their computer on them all the time, and having more options for posting from the Patreon app will help creators to be more engaging with their audience.

Things to consider adding to the app:
-Ability to post more then just text and photo/video posts
-Ability to schedule posts from your mobile device

Asides from this, I also find that the posting feature is ‘glitchy’. What I mean by this is that when I write paragraphs and then go to add tags, the paragraphs all just pumped into 1 paragraph with a bunch of
in between where the paragraphs would be separate.

In my opinion, this app needs more attention.


Agreed. It drives me up to wall that there are so many differences between the app and the desktop versions of the site.

-I’d love to be able to set early access on my mobile posts as not being able to do so just messes up my schedules for later and ends up with more work for me to do to fix this if i need to post from mobile.
-Can’t seem to set teaser text either which also leads to more work and messed up schedules later.

Doubly agreed on the formatting being lumped all into one big paragraph even if you formatted it.



Hi @johnmarvinscott, thanks for the post! This is great timing as our mobile teams are releasing an app update this week and posting is one of the areas they’ve been working on. I’m excited to hear think about this update and give more feedback once it’s out :slight_smile:


I would appreciate being able to edit posts in the app. I hardly ever use the app because so much basic functionality is lacking.


Hi! the update went out today :partying_face: please take a look and let me know your thoughts. Here’s what we released, as taken from the blog.

Rich text formatting for mobile posts

You can now use rich text formatting in the mobile app with all the standard options — bold text, italicized text, and also underline. Additionally, you can now style headers, make bulleted lists, and add quotes or links. Haven’t tried posting on the mobile app before? Let’s change that. Download it here.

Insert inline images to mobile posts

You can now insert Inline images on the mobile app, allowing you to showcase images throughout a post.

Edit a post on the mobile app

Ugh — find a typo? Worry not. Edit the text within a published post or draft using the mobile app.

Start and save drafts in the mobile app

Inspired to write while you’re on the go? You can now save drafts and access your drafts via mobile. Writing a draft via the mobile app is the perfect way to capture and save your thoughts for patrons.

Last of all, remember to update your app in your phone settings to receive all these new features!

We hope that these updates to posting will give you a better experience using Patreon to connect with your top fans, and can’t wait to see what you share next.


Today I just realized that links and images in my About section are not working in the App and therefore, patrons arriving to my profile using it, won’t be able to completely understand my introduction.
This is really a pitty…

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Hey @rubenfcid, just checking in to see if you are still having this issue? So sorry for the delay in reaching out to you, I’m not sure how I missed this.

Yes, I just checked it again and still happening in the app; not in the phone web version though.

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