Patreon App Suggestions

A good portion of my Patrons use Mobile only, and I wanted to make sure they can get their stuff using the app alone if needed. The Featured Tags was brilliant and I love it, but I can’t find it on the app anywhere. I see About and Rewards, and then directly beneath that are my posts, but posts get buried incredibly easy and I don’t want new patrons coming in, knowing that I’ve got a ton of stuff that’s super easy to get in the Featured Tags but can’t access them because there are no Featured Tags on the app.

Any idea when the app will be updated to match the website? If it’s there then I can’t find it at all.

Also, another idea that I guess would be good for the website and app, would be if Patrons had the option to Pin their favorite posts, and if they went into a special folder that only that Patron could see on their account


All right…
I’m following about 10 creators and supporting just as many…
But, since Im also a creator I’m logging into Patreon everyday, Thus, I don’t want the constant notifications from the Patreon app. Nor do I want the annoying emails sent to me 10 times/day.
I’m trying to shut off ALL notifications on the Patreon app, but as far as I can tell I have to tap on each user and turn of his/her notifications. Its like on my android phone, No option to turn off ALL notifications with one button?
Also, on the pateron app it seem to only register one of the notification options each time I tap into a user…

Great suggestions!

This is a smaller thing, but I’m frustrated with the fact that I can’t create a post comprised of multiple photos and text using the app. I’m not talking about Lens-- I mean a post that will be up for more than 24 hours, made on the app. There are no inline picture options, so I can only post one image and talk about it. I want to show a series of pictures but with more text in between.

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Agreed, and we need to be able to save as draft as well. It’s not possible on the app. For both these reasons, I have to go to on my browser even on mobile.

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Yes, I noticed the lack of tags, too - that needs to be addressed, as they form a key part of many creator’s strategies for organising their material.