Patreon App Update

Hey there

I just read the worlds first Patreon Newsletter. Yay for keeping us up to date via Newsletter and not only the blog or this achive.

But when I read, that the App will get a facelift and a dark mode… well…
The app is missing EVERYTHING important for us Creators. The App is created for members, not creators. Neither can I see my income, nor my Patrons, I do not have access to any Statistics, my Patreon Relationship manager or anything else, so why the hell are you “update for a dark mode” instead of really focussing on make this damn App also usable for Creators?
The usability of Patreons Lens is so unbelievable bad, that I have used it like around 4 or 5 times since it exists, althoug I am posting Instagram Stories like 4-5 times a week. I would LOVE to use the lens more often, but as I said in an interview with you guys, and also wrote in a lot of mails: With 15 secs, none ongoing videos it’s totally useless and a pain in the ass to work with…

I am very sorry, but again it feels like a big, big WRONG FOCUS here.
Please get your focus to MUCH MORE needed things, instead of giving members a “nice to have” dark mode.


The only time I use the app is when I want to make a draft post, uploading photos directly from my phone, and finish that post on desktop. The app lags so bad, I can barely type a title for a post without it breaking. The app is awful.

I get that people like dark mode, but I feel like other things could’ve been prioritized.