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Hey everyone,

So, I know this has been brought up to the Patreon team, but the Patreon art displays cut-off when you post your page on facebook. I’m wondering if anyone’s figured out a work-around while Patreon fixes this issue because man it just makes it look SO unprofessional when I post on social channels about patreon and I think it’s definitely hurting people’s interest in my page.

Have any of you graphic artists out there figured out a layout for your banner that when you post on facebook chunks of stuff in your banner are just the right size and in just the right spot so just those chunks come up on facebook desktop AND mobile to avoid cut off images and so it looks professional?

(See link for a screenshot of what I’m talking about).


hey @glenn, thanks for sharing your thoughts around this and frustrations. I’ll be sure to share this feedback to the product team. I know from personal experience that FB change their requirements for these kinds of link sharing all the time but sometimes they let you edit the post preview before you share it. You can add an image - it looks like a + button and allows you to upload a custom made image that’s the right specs FB are looking for.

I hope other creators are able to share any advice on this too for you!

No prob. I already shared it with the team a while ago. Just hoping someone else has found a work around in the meantime.

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My workaround for this was to keep my banner really plain with the important part (my logo) centered in the middle. My current banner:

When I share the link on facebook it looks like this:
On twitter it looks like this:
How the link appeared on social media (particularly facebook) was pretty much my number one consideration when designing the banner. Sometimes I think all the white looks a little too plain and I ought to add in other background material to it, but mostly I’m too busy with other stuff to worry about it.


Thanks! This is a GREAT TIP!

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I have run into the same problem. So far, I have not found a way to change the image on a facebook post when the post is a link, unless the specific link offers multiple thumbnail options, which patreon doesn’t. You can have the text of the link clickable, and a custom image, but the image won’t be a link like it is with the auto-generated thumbnail. Same issue on twitter.

I also thought of the solution that @ScienceMom mentioned of putting everything in the center, but the mobile version of the banner requires the opposite, since the profile picture is effectively blocking a chunk of the center of the banner, as seen here:

I also would really like if patreon either gave us more control in customizing how images for specific platforms showed up or found a format where one image can be made to work for all the main platforms.