Patreon ← → book marketing ideas?

Hey all! I’ve got a book coming out in March 2021 (ahhhhhhh!!!) and I am trying to brainstorm special stuff I can do for/with my patrons to both promote the book and also make them feel like they’re special (because they are, obviously). Has anybody done this or seen any cool examples of book ← → Patreon synergy? Would love to hear about what has worked for folks.


Congrats! :slight_smile: I don’t see why you couldn’t just take ideas from what others do on other platforms but move them over to Patreon. You could do a special offer. Prints of the book cover, early access to the first few chapters/half of the book/entire book. Any merch related to the book. (Character art, book title, etc. Could make prints/stickers.) Patreon only livestream where you read some of it out loud or just chat about it. Signed copys of the book.

If you want to make your current patrons feel more special over newer ones, you could just slap an additional thing on top of whatever special offer you do for them.


Congrats! I’ve got a book out soon too and I’ve been sharing things with patrons way before sharing them with my social media people, e.g. publishing updates every month, book cover reveal. I’m self publishing, so I can also hook a certain tier of patron up with a free copy of the ebook.

Planning to do a Facebook live when it’s out because I don’t have a tonne of patrons and with time difference, etc, there’s not a lot of point doing patron-only stream, but I’m hoping to leverage patrons off that.

Good luck!


Congratulations! I hope your book launch goes well!

What about holding a contest among your patrons encouraging them to do something creative around a theme that fits with your book (maybe a piece of artwork, poem, etc.) with fun prizes related to your new book as rewards, possibly even a grand prize of a signed print copy for your favorite entry?


I was an ambassador for a book launch (not a Patreon creator) back in 2019 and what she (the author) did was send the ambassadors merch and the book as a way to thank us for hosting book clubs in our hometowns. This 1. got more people to buy her book (the people attending our respective book club events) 2. exposed her to an audience she wouldn’t have touched otherwise 3. rewarded the ambassadors for the extra effort. You could do something similar with your patrons who want to act as an ambassador for your book launch. Good luck!! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

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