Patreon Bot posting to Discord?

To your knowledge, is there a way to set Patreon Bot to post Patreon updates straight on a Discord channel?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know of anything like this. This would be something someone could build on platform. I’m cc’ing @buster for visibility here.

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Hi! There isn’t a way to do this today because we don’t currently have a way to read posts via the API. It’s something we’d like to look into though, and could see supporting. Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re interested in doing?

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Hi Buster, and thanks for replying.

Well, I’ve created a “patreon_news” chatroom on my Discord channel and I’d just loved if some bot would’ve posted to that chatroom as soon as a post (either public or patrons-only) is posted on my Patreon feed.
Just a way to avoid manual linking of Patreon posts while “promoting” my Patreon activity to non-patrons Discord users, that’s all.

Thanks again for looking into this, anyway.

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Makes sense! We’ll make sure to capture this as additional evidence that opening up that functionality would lead to great use cases.


Thanks @buster , appreciate!