Patreon Connect: Live with the Patreon Community team - July 27th livestream + Q&A

On Tuesday July 27th, a week from tomorrow, Patreon’s Community team (yours truly with @emily.lakin and @Danya_Shults) will be hosting a livestream to introduce ourselves to you, share information about our team, who we are and what we’re working on. We’ll offer tips for you as you work to build a community of your own on Patreon.

We’ll host a Q&A in the livestream and continue our chat over in the #ask-patreon channel on the Patreon Discord after the stream ends. You can also feel free to add questions here in this thread after the live stream! We can’t wait to chat with you!

July 27th
10am PDT // 1pm EDT // 5pm GMT

Patreon’s newest Community team members Emily Lakin and Hayley Rosenblum want to meet you! Learn about how they got to Patreon, what they’re working on now, and leave with top tips for community management from the team and fellow creators.