Patreon Connect: Live with the Policy Team (Creator Policy Engagement Program Q4) on Sept 23rd

10AM PST // 1PM EST // 6PM BST // 7PM CEST

Patreon Connect: Live with the Policy Team

Back in April of this year, Patreon’s Policy Team kicked off the Creator Policy Engagement Program to involve creators in the development of Patreon’s policy and held an event last August for Q3 of the year. As part of the program, the team shares proposed policy updates on a quarterly basis and seeks creator input to help improve the policies before they’re finalized.

For this event we want to shed light on and hear your feedback on two important policy areas we’re exploring right now: Adult/18+ Creator Guidelines and Creator Coins as a Membership Benefit which you can read about here on our blog: Fall 2021 Creator Policy Engagement Update | Patreon Blog

To be clear: Patreon will continue to support adult/18+ content that is within our guidelines and we have no plans to ban this category of content. It’s important to us that adult/18+ creators can continue earning income on Patreon and we encourage you to read the blog linked above for more details on what’s being outlined.

This upcoming event for Q4 has been planned to prioritize questions about Patreon’s adult/18+ policy because we received dozens of questions from adult/18+ creators through this engagement program.

This live event will have a dedicated Q&A portion, and you have the opportunity to submit a question in advance of the live event by RSVPing to the event via the link above. If you cannot attend the live stream, a recording will be made available for you to watch at your leisure at the same link as the RSVP.

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