Patreon Connect with the Policy Team August 3rd - Creator Policy Program Q3 2021


Patreon Connect: Live with the Policy Team

Some of you may recall that back in April, Patreon’s Policy Team kicked off the Creator Policy Engagement Program to involve creators in the development of Patreon’s policy. As part of the program, the team shares proposed policy updates on a quarterly basis and seeks creator input to help improve the policies before they’re finalized.

Today, the team announced two proposed policy updates for this quarter, as well as an upcoming policy-focused live event, which you can read about here in our blog: 2021 Q3 Creator Policy Update | Patreon Blog.

The live event will have a dedicated Q&A portion, and you have the opportunity to submit a question in advance of the live event by RSVPing to the event via the link above.

Thanks, @Hayley! Hi everyone. My colleague Sean & I are excited to represent the Policy Team at Tuesday’s livestream. Hope to see you there!

I cannot figure out how to use the invite.ics file to join the meeting ?
can anybody help ?\

ics files are calendar files - it lets you add an event to your calendar (usually iCal, I think).

The event starts in about 1 hour from the time of my posting this reply, the event itself is not open yet. If you RSVP’d via email, you should have received an email that confirmed your registration with a link to tune in when the event is live.

I never received an email with a link to the live event. Is there one?

Check your PMs!

The stream will also be recorded and I’ll share the link to watch the recording in this thread once it’s available.

Be sure to check your junk mail. For whatever reason, they often land there for me no matter if I add them to my safe list.

I never got the invite link either. Wasn’t in my spam either. It mentioned I was put on a waiting list, I don’t know if that is related. But I was also confused to see that.

There is a change to the RSVP system with the new platform that we’re using, where I believe a waiting list is opened if you RSVP close to the event start time. Any/all feedback on this system is appreciated as it’s new and it’s helpful to know what you’re experience is like so it can continue to be improved upon.

The event recording is now available, it’s embedded on the original page:

and here is the direct link to view on YouTube:

I’m just not sure why the change was necessary. Was there a reason for it? I was put on the waiting list but then never actually let in. Was there a reason for that?

I understand if you want to put a cap on something, I’d just like to understand the change and how it will affect creators.

I appreciate that I can at least watch the event after. Thanks for sharing that.

I don’t know the technical details but i THINK it has something to do with the way the RSVP system works to verify the registered attendees. I’ll share your feedback with our events team and of course advocate for any way we can make event registration seamless and easy! Thanks for the feedback.

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