Patreon Discord bot randomly fails to assign roles

So as the title says, I’ve had problems on my discord server, where patrons lose their access to special discord roles, even though they have paid, and their role isn’t updated by the bot until the next MONTH!

I’ve been looking at my patronage stats, and it appears that the people affected are those being charged the 3rd of the month, or later. Typically payments that were declined on the 1st or 2nd, but went through on the 3rd. People waiting for paychecks and similar.

It would appear as the bot only updates the roles on the first round of payments, or on new users.

Edit: People that got charged first thing on the 1st have lost access to their patron only roles too. This is becoming a problem.

This is ofc causing problems, as I have to manually assign roles to them that gives them access to my patron-only channels. This gives me a lot more to manually track, as well as some patrons simply not speaking up at all, feeling left out, and leaves.

Is there a way to manually force the bot to double check roles? Or can we give it a feature like this?

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These issues with Discord integration are being investigated for a while now, and there is a plan that’s being worked on to address them.

In the meantime, if the current number of patrons which the bot missed assigning their role or mistakenly removed their role are numerous that you would rather not do it manually, you can open a support ticket at Patreon and ask help with this situation.

Hi @Goldpaw Did you get this resolved? As @CodeBard CodeBard said, I would highly recommend connecting directly with our support team here so we can diagnose the issue and get it resolved. I want to make sure you get the help you need.

You can reach out to our support team here and describe in detail what you’re experiencing so they can help troubleshoot and assist :slight_smile:

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