Patreon Discord Bot

(Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, misinformed, etc.)

Last I was told the Patreon Discord Bot wasn’t a high priority for anyone in Patreon HQ, and with the growing amount of Discord Bot programmers in the Discord server, I was wondering if the bot’s source could be published on an Open Source platform, so we could self-host it, add features, and more.

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Although I like the idea of getting the code of the bot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wouldn’t.
Mainly because the API itself is already open to developers to use and could be integrated into a bot:

I honestly thought the two (the API and the bot) were separate, since they serve separate functions from my observations.


They are taco :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking from the dev side (I’m currently using the API for something similar, but its just keys), the Patreon bot has something we don’t have. And that’s universal creator account access immediate knowledge of when someone pledges. If we had that feature… hoo boy would it be easy to make this/implement it in a current bot

If I didn’t have 50 other things to do, I would offer to start up a bot project under my group :smiley: