Patreon Discord inviting issues?

I don’t know if anyone else has been having this issue, but a patron recently contacted me about not getting invited to the discord server.

It turns out, whenever they connected their discord account, it automatically linked a different account, and automatically joined the non-existent account. The process is automatic, so they didn’t have an opportunity to re-login or choose a different discord. I’m assuming the auto discord log-in is tied to their Patreon Email or something.

It’d be good to have the ability to log into whatever account you want when binding a discord to your patreon account.

Or if that’s not the issue, has anyone ran into something like this?

Hey @Carrot, let me check in with the partnerships team on this one and get back to you :slight_smile:

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Hi again @Carrot! The team said that they’ve seen this happen before, so you’re not alone! thank you for bringing it up.

The issue: When people have 2 or more Discord accounts, they were using the desktop app but on their browsers they were connected to a different account, so it felt to the like it didn’t work. Discord auto-creates a temporary account for you when you use their website so that causes more issues!

Solution: they have got to log out on the browser, log in to the correct discord account, disconnect discord from patreon and reconnect.