Patreon doesn't accurately list who comes and who goes

I have people unsubbing and they aren’t listed on notifications nor do I get any notification. I am wondering if this is happening during signup as well?

I also had someone complain that the billing app doesn’t work (Patreon), but they didn’t give details, so I don’t know if that is true or what happened.


Yeah, I noticed the same thing. It’s troublesome since I didn’t know some of my members unsubscribed. It also looks like their Discord roles were still active.


I thought it was just me. My patron count has been changing a lot lately, but I’m only getting notified of a small percentage of what’s actually happening.

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Yeah, that started to happen to me too near the last big patreon update.

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Please check this Patreon? I’ve had people leave for $50 with no notification or information anywhere…


For now what you can do i send them a mail and asking who left at specific dates. They will tell you.

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@RyanOrrock and @Sify Have you tried looking at Exit Surveys? ( It preserves anonymity but it shows you exactly when someone left, the pledge tier they were on, and any message they may have left about their reasons for leaving.

We’re having the same problem with some lack of notifications about who is joining and who is leaving. It seemed to start around the end of July/beginning of August. Checking the Exit Surveys is only helpful if the patrons actually fill out the survey, which some of them don’t. Hopefully this was just a temporary glitch though.

On the subject of patrons complaining of their payments not going through that RyanOrrock menioned, we have also had some complain of that to us. They tell us that they can’t get an answer from Patreon when they try, so they are giving up and pulling out of our campaign. We tried emailing support about this oursevles, but also did not receive any answer. This has been very frustrating.

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I hope you are listening, Patreon. This is the number #1 MOST important thing you are providing. It isn’t working, this is a serious issue.

The exit surveys do not include these data–go look at my patrons, you can see some just aren’t listed for no reason and people complaining about payment being messed up on the exit surveys.

In addition, there is no way for them to contact us on Patreon until they are patrons.

Please handle this ASAP! See how many people are noticing …!

These surveys doesn’t accurately tells you when someone left your patreon, the most accurate way is contacting patreon :confused:

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So just send Patreon constant mails asking them if people have left or
tried to sign up and haven’t been able to?

I don’t understand, mine shows me the exact date. Do you need the hour too?

Is not always the exact date (i could confirm that by asking about who left on certain date), also it doesn’t show you every patron who left. Example, during August i lost 12 patrons, and the exit survey only shows me 5.

While they doesn’t fix that bug, yes :confused:

I see, I didn’t realize that!

So this happened to me again (Patreon, are you listening?)

I lost 2 Patrons on Aug 31st. Only one is listed in notifications.


I just had someone leave my patreon. They left an exit survey which is cool but i can’t actually see WHO it was that left. (There is no name in the exit surveys and even if they leave a personal message with the survey, i have no idea who it is from unless they state who they are in it.) The notification panel doesn’t update to tell me who left, no notification of any kind other than “why the heck did my pledge amount go down significantly?”

All i can gather was that it was someone who pledged this month and then left as those with confirmed same level pledges from last month are all still listed as current patrons. Unless this hasn’t updated or something? I’m curious @ellie, is there some kind of lag time between all parts of patreon becoming up to date with a change? I noticed a lot that amounts and pledges don’t all change on all pages at the same time but gradually and its rather confusing trying to figure out whats going on.

Usually i save all the new pledge emails but sometimes a few slip through and get deleted but it shouldn’t be up to me keeping notification emails to be able to keep track of if someone has come and gone in the same month and perhaps taken content without paying. That information should be reflected on Patreon somewhere, even if its just recording the username of a person who leaves an exit survey and displaying that. I feel like it’s extremely important to know because not only does it make the creators life easier in trying to track down potential trends from users, but may also help track down people who are trying to seem like legit customer who are really just skimming content. (Most of these people leave personal messages in their exit surveys and it sounds like they think i get to see who left it but in reality, i don’t. I can’t follow up with them, send well wishes their way or any such thing.

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In the past, when a patron deleted (or reduced/increased) their pledge, I received a notification saying “so-and-so has deleted their pledge”. I’m curious if this still operates? Did anything show up in your notifications?

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. As i said in my post, i didn’t get anything this time around. The only thing that let me know was a drop in my expected pledge amount on my homepage. Rest of the details are in my post about what i found, where i looked, etc.

Hi all,

My apologies for not jumping in here sooner! You’re right, we do not do a good job of surfacing this information to you today. There are really only 2 places to find the information right now. @joumana already pointed to exit surveys, but the other place should be the notifications page (

But, we’ve got to do better, and I’ve got a plan to get us there. The first step is the work we’re doing right now around the Patron Relationship Manager. In the next few months, we’ll start surfacing former patrons and followers into that list. That’s, of course, not enough, but it IS a step in the right direction. The next step is giving you all a better landing page that will include top metrics you care about as creators as well as an overview of all the changes that happened with your patrons… with a link to the list of those patrons. These are your customers, and we are going to make sure you have the information you need.