Patreon Exclusive Content

What kind of content do you guys create for Patrons only? I find it difficult to resign myself to making very much that ONLY gets released for Patrons because every creation is an opportunity for exposure & growing a fan base. The amount of work that goes into a lot of stuff makes it kind of weird to lock it all up, so I’m curious what other people do to make sure they are getting the most bang for their buck.


Hi Kate - I actually make most of my content public, but my communication is patron only. I share ideas, updates, and create polls for patrons. I also do early releases, and my patrons get amazing deals on more expensive content like courses.

I have found that patrons are motivated by getting something particular at a great price, or they just want to support me.

Good luck figuring it out, and if you like, post here when you decide what to do! I’d love to hear your final decision!



There are a couple of things I do that are strictly patron only:

  1. I have made a couple of zines, both with stories that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing widely on the internet. So, it didn’t bother me too much for them not to be widely available. I’m considering doing these quarterly now, and then at some point compiling a bunch of them into a book that I will sell everywhere.

  2. Bonus podcasts. With each podcast I create, I always ask my guest to stay on the line a little bit longer so I can record a second interview just for patrons. It’s nice because I can talk about it in the main podcast that goes public.

I do lots of works in progress of new music that are patrons only, early releases and stuff like that too.


Hi @hackettkate! I love the suggestions from other folks on this thread and also wanted to pop in with a few low-maintenance ideas.

  1. Patron Recognition! Can you thank your patrons in your content? Maybe have a thank you patrons page on your website? Adding their names monthly or giving them a shoutout will be easy for you, and is proven to be of high-value to patrons.
  2. Involve them in the content process. Is there any component of your creative work that they could vote on or become involved in earlier in the process? That way, the benefit is their community engagement.
  3. Behind-the-scenes content. This way, all your main content can stay free and you can use it to grow, but you can put up behind the scenes stuff for patrons
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I have the same problem as @hackettkate that I didn’t want to create things that take HOURS to finish, but that only a very limited number of people see. my solution was this:
I started a new comic that’s going to become a book when it’s finished. While it’s on the works, I update it on Patreon only just like a webcomic, about one page a week!
This way I will have a book ready in about 2 years, and meanwhile I have patreon exclusive content!

I think others than comics people can also do this. You just gotta find a thing that works for you.

Plus my Patrons have been really happy about this! They know it’s going to become a book eventually, but it hasn’t stopped them from becoming Patrons to read the comic as it is drawn!


To sort of piggyback on what @HPLehkonen said here:

Over the summer I released a song/video called “Home Again.” I released it first on Patreon, but then realized as I was working on the post about the release that I had multiple early versions of the song on Patreon that I had shared over the year or so of the song’s existence. So, the patron exclusive content was sharing rough versions of the song, and that old content became really valuable to me and newer patrons when I was sharing the finished song. It was really cool that I had a history of the song in the back posts of my Patreon to link back to… “If you’ve been a patron for a while, you might remember this iPhone recording from the day I first wrote the song…”

Anyway, it was cool for me because I might not have documented the 3-4 early versions of the song had I not needed some patron only content while working on the song, but also because this post reminded patrons that they have been in on the creation of the song from its very first moment of existence!

p.s. Here’s the video for the song. It’s a tribute to my childhood dog, Corky. <3


Hi, fellow Kate. I know this is something that is more specific to visual artists, (so who knows how helpful this will be) but I give out a phone wallpaper to all of my patrons each month. All other content is released to the public, so that generally means only about 10% of my monthly illustrative output is exclusive.


Yeah, being a filmmaker/actor on Patreon is really tough. It’s definitely better suited for visual artists or musicians who can create things solo. I really …can’t.

I wonder if I can make some photoshoot images into phone wallpapers exclusively for Patrons though. That might be cool.

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I actually searched for your Patreon page to see what type of content actors/writers/filmmakers can actually give there! Couldn’t think of anything, because I’m not very well informed on that scene… But do you maybe have any bigger projects that take a long time to finish? Anything like that is good material for Patreon exclusive stuff when you can share how the longer project is progressing for a limited audience while you wait for it to be fully completed before making it public to everyone! I’m super interested in hearing more about any rewards you’ve found good to your medium though! I want to learn more about other things than visual arts too!

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it’s here!

The ones I’ve landed on are decent. Always hunting for new ideas :slight_smile:


I set up gigs exclusive for them. For example I scope out galleries to have our art shows at and place a submission call just for members to apply to. See more on my website In the submission process I specify if the call is exclusive or open to the public with an entry fee. The entry fee is $50 for artists who are not members while members pay their tier level instead.

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I do graphic novels that take a damn ling time to draw. Currently my “exclusive” content is an unlinked page on my site that has WIPs of the entire current chapter.

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Hi Kate

I find that making content Patreon-first or Patreon-only for a limited period (anywhere from a month to a year ahead of time) gets good support and interest. They get first reading/viewing rights, not eternal exclusivity.

A lot of my Patreon-supported content is actually free (mostly in podcast form).

Exclusives include things that don’t take huge amounts of creative work (a behind the scenes newsletter, etc) or with the personal touch (hand-written correspondence/random parcel or postcard). High end patrons can name things in upcoming stories.

Live chats/FAQs etc can work well too.



We had really positive responses from doing Lens clips with the app.