Patreon Experiment for May!

Patreon Experiments in May! This is an OPEN poll I just put up for Patrons & non-supporters alike – what sounds interesting to ya?


This is sooooo cool. I can’t wait to hear what your patrons want.

Me too! I’m excited – should be fun. Ideally it pulls some new folks in too.


Patreon is in maintenance mode atm so it won’t let me view the poll but I’ll check back once patreon is back up and running :3 (Took a look! these are really interesting ideas!)


I would really like to see how the watch me write thing works out as I might be interested in doing something like that as well. I once watched a livestream of something like that for another writer and it was literally just her streaming herself sitting there at her laptop while she mumbled to herself, talked to her cats, and ate snacks. I couldn’t actually see what she was writing and was surprised something like that would even go over, but there were clearly a couple of people watching because she would occasionally answer something they said. I can’t even imagine how she got any work done.

I think actually seeing what is being written in the same manner as watching an artist livestream their drawings might be interesting though. Thanks for bringing your experiments to us. It definitely gives me things to think about as I try to think of new things to offer my patrons.


Watch me write is gonna have to wait (which is fine, I’d rather do that when I have a less crazy day job month!)…

We have serialized novel this month. Let’s see how it goes!