Patreon Feature?

Hey! Curious how Patreon picks people to highlight, interview, and feature – how does that happen?

I can wager a guess…$$$$.
It’s always creators that are:

  1. hugely successful
  2. experience rapid growth
  3. make more than 3 figures

Sometimes it’s one. But usually it feels like a little of all 3.
I’d also wager it has plenty to do with branding, and brand image as well.

I mean. I did at least two of those.

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Hi Kate, I can shine a little light on this! My name is Sean and I manage the blog here at Patreon.

Firstly, if you (or anyone here!) have something you’d like to share with other creators that you think can help them, we’d love to hear it and hopefully we can feature you! Here is the form for anyone interested:

Our current process:

As you can imagine, their are no shortage of inspiring and helpful stories on Patreon, so our biggest challenge has been prioritizing. Our goal with the blog is to help as many creators as possible get started and maximize their success on Patreon, so we have a prioritized list of topics based on what creators have told us are their biggest challenges. We try to prioritize by the impact of the issue (or opportunity) any how many creators we think it effects:

From there, we currently have 2 methods to try and find creators who are a good fit for those topics:
1. We have an email that is triggered to creators after they surpass $1,000 in monthly income that tells them about the type of features we do on the blog and the topics we currently need examples for. It then links them to the survey I posted above to tell us a little more so we can determine if they think they are a good fit.
2. If we know a specific creator that has had an experience that matches one of these topics already, we will reach out to them directly to see if they are interested. For example, Jon shared some great advice here in and we reached out and worked with him to turn that into this recent post:


This is me! Is there a way to get this email sent again because if I got it, it was spam’d or something. I never saw it.