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Hi guys! Can you explain me one thing?

I use Patreon for five years and still don’t understand HOW your fees work. I know about 5% Patreon fee. Ok. But as you can see, I have 1054 bucks, and only 753 bucks I received. In fact, I received even less, sorta 640 bucks. This are not declines. That is not Patreon 5% fee. I lost 300 bucks every month just for nothing. Yes, I asked this question and they told me, that banks fees etc… But, really, I did not sign in for 30-40% of my income just for nothing! Can you make all of your fees more… clear?

Hey @trueboyko, welcome to the forum! Happy to help clarify further.

It looks like you’re using Patron Manager, which is our old tool. We recommend you use Patron Relationship Manager (PRM for short) because we have since improved how we display and explain this information.

Having said that, on Patron Manager the amount you’re seeing in the top right indicates the total amount pledged to you, regardless of their status. This number is generally a bit higher than the amount you’ll process each month, mainly due to declined patrons. When a patron declines, they lose access to content. We do not create new charges for patrons while they’re declined. If a patron declines on February 1st, and remains declined, we will not charge them again on March 1st. The total amount in the top right does not factor in patrons who are declined. While they are technically pledged to you, those funds won’t show for the current month because they weren’t charged for the current month.

If you look at your patrons in PRM, you will see a much more accurate number. We have some help articles that help walk you through that feature, like this one and this article has a breakdown of the fees. Hope that helps!

@Mindy, in the old Patron Manager, it shows you how much you’re going to get (theoretically) for each of the next paid posts (if you are per creation, as we are). As you note, this number is usually pretty inaccurate, but I don’t see a way to get a more accurate version of it. Many of our patrons cap their pledges for each month so it does become a challenge to understand how much we’re going to earn for each creation. Is this information given somewhere? I can’t even see who has capped their pledges to what (that doesn’t seem to be in the PRM, that I’ve found) but seeing it in the aggregate would also be helpful.


@FutilityCloset In PM, if you hover over the per-post payment amount you can see it. However, this information is not in PRM at this time but please know that the team is well aware of the important differences in functionality between PM and PRM.

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Thanks! I hadn’t realized you could see that for each patron. That’s a useful feature, though I’m rarely in the PM any more to see it. But it seems like as of now, there isn’t any way to get a fairly accurate representation of what we should expect to get for each creation, other than trying to use the somewhat inaccurate one on the PM.

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