Patreon for Small Creators FREE PDF

Hey! I’m a webcomics artist with only about 2500 followers when I launched my Patreon in last January. Most webcomics people with the same amount of followers have about $50/month on Patreon even after years of using it! I planned my launch super well and ended up getting $120/month in January alone. I have now written my plan and some extra tips out as a PDF that I’m selling here:

But because I know this is a closed community, I want to give you a link to get the PDF guide for free here: LINK

Maybe this can benefit some of you people too! I am selling it with “Pay What You Want” model anyways, so it’s okay to get it for free here. Someone else has paid extra, so I’m not losing anything! Just don’t share the free link to others please. :pray:
The PDF is very webcomics specific, but some other creators have also said they benefited from it!


YES! thank you so much for sharing this with us all, @HPLehkonen, I’m looking forward to reading it with a cup of tea this afternoon.

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I hope it can benefit others than webcomics people too? Some have said it was good for their Youtube channel Patreon plans but I don’t have as much information about other fields… But I am a social media marketing lecturer so I do have info about that part in general.

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