Patreon Getting Blocked by Adblockers

I noticed for a while now that I wasn’t getting any updates in the “What’s New” tab on Patreon and it was kinda weird (like “what, they implemented a feature but stopped using it??”) and now I just connected to my account on a new chrome profile and, voila, I had 16 new updates!

So I tried clearing cookies on my main chrome profile, that didn’t work.
I turned off my adblocker (uBlock Origin) and that brought it back.
meaning adblockers are blocking some of the functionality on Patreon.
Personally I can keep adblocker turned off for Patreon, it’s not like there’s anything intrusive or annoying, but you guys might want to look into how to fix it to not get blocked, as others might assume there’s just something broken on Patreon :slight_smile:


You can adjust uBlock’s settings on a per-site basis. I turn off all ad blockers, social link blockers, cookie blockers, etc, on Patreon.

Basically, anything that interferes with a website’s operation is sometimes going to result in unexpected behavior.

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Thank you guys for your valuable feedback on this! @OdeChan @Michael_Loucks

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Ooo thank you so much for sharing this @OdeChan! We definitely want to ensure folks see these important updates. We’re looking into this situation further to see what can be done.