Patreon Hang Time - New Creator Interviews?

Hey everyone! I have a cool idea that might be wicked to see in the upcoming November 2018 Hang Time!

I was thinking that since Jack and Taryn are interviewing creators who are already doing well, what about the idea of interviewing creators who are just starting off? They might talk about what these creators do, how they’ve decided to setup their Patreon Page, and then we can all talk about ideas that work, and ideas that could be revised!

What do you all think of this?


I would super love to see patreon giving the little people some spotlight too. For sure.


I’m totally behind spotlighting small creators. It’s something lacking on the site but it can give people a significant leg up. What would make sense to me is to spotlight successful creators in contexts that are addressed to other patrons (so we can get tips and inspiration) and spotlight less successful ones everywhere that’s meant to be seen by potential patrons (such as on the site, where it makes no sense to highlight the big ones).


Hi there @johnmarvinscott, thanks for the suggestion! So happy to hear you enjoy Hang Time - it really is our favorite hour of the month :blush:

Currently we’re bringing on creators who have been using Patreon for a while as they’ve had enough time to learn what works for them and have discovered tactics that are new to all of us. My guess would be that newer creators might not have figured that out yet. Unless your idea is more about helping them figure those things out? In which case this forum is ideal for that kind of thing, plus we recently launched Patreon U for that exact purpose.

It sounds like @Temrin is talking more about interviewing creators on Hang Time who earn less than some of the creators we currently spotlight (please correct me if I’m wrong!) but again my theory is that we can learn more from creators who have successfully built a membership on Patreon than smaller creators who are still establishing themselves and figuring all that out. Plus, last month we featured Blitz Guitar (246 patrons) and Breaking Bourbon (238 patrons) to contrast some of the blogs that features creators with 20k patrons.

My questions for you are:

  1. What are you hoping to learn from new creators to Patreon (new = less than 3 months)?
  2. What would you like to learn from creators with smaller memberships?
  3. Is there anything else you’d like to see from Hang Time?

The only thought I have is that bigger creators tend to follow the steps that have worked for others (broad strokes, of course). Which of course, makes sense, because they work, overall.

However, then I do wonder if the voices of the new creators who might have something good are getting lost, because of a mindset that ‘oh, so-and-so does this so I should too,’ and they are abandoning their original ideas in favour of tried-and-true. So, I think creators with smaller memberships might have ideas that we don’t see among creators with larger memberships. (Now, I could be wrong on this one, so please, feel free to correct me if I am!)


Captions! I’d love to see real-time captions! I can follow without them, but captions make things easier for a lot of folks (me included). Plus, without captions, you’re excluding Deaf/hard-of-hearing creators. :frowning:


I agree with everything you mentioned!

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