Patreon Holds

I don’t understand why my patreon page is still being reviewed by your team, every month since June. Conveniently for you guys, this happens always at the first of the month. Unfortunately for myself, I have bills to pay that I have to sit on a call with a telemarketer to push the due date back. I make enough money to cover most of the cost of living in LA, but it is expensive hence the reason why I have a Patreon to begin with. I follow all community guidelines and have been a member for over a year now. It is a substantial way for me to earn a living while being an entrepreneur in the most expensive city to live in. I kindly ask that someone please inform me on how this hold can be removed so that I might be able to transfer my funds over for the month of September ( my birthday month). And that it stops happening over and over to what feels like just me! It causes me to lose patrons by the way. I would ask that Patreon be more flexible with my page and focus on other pages that are actually infringing your guidelines.

Hi there @xxbleedgoldxx, I’m so sorry to hear your frustration that this process is causing. Please can you provide me your patreon username so I can investigate this further?

Yes its

Thanks! I can confirm your page has been unfrozen and someone from our T+S team has reached out to you to help you further with this.