Patreon is now available in Spanish & Italian!

Hi friends - today we’re excited to announce that you can now experience Patreon in Spanish and Italian. :raised_hands:

If you have Spanish or Italian-speaking fans, let them know they can now use Patreon in their native language. Learn more here, where you can also find suggested messaging to let your local audience know about Patreon in Spanish or Italian.

Language is just one way we’re embracing our global community: we also offer support for patrons to pay using Euros. We’re so excited to make Patreon a more welcoming experience for everyone!




I hope this will allow new readers to join patreon!

I noticed some little mistakes in translation, is here the place to write them?

If so, on the tiers you should change “por month” for “al mes” or “mensual”, and “+VAT” for “+IVA”.

I also would like to ask: Is there any button to automatically translate posts into your language? (like e.g. on facebook). That would make them shorter and nicer than in two languages.

Thank you so much for this!

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By the way, the button to switch language doesn’t seem to work on the smartphone version.

Hi @Pau - thanks for the translation feedback!

Could you tell me more about what’s not working on mobile? Is the link broke, does it redirect to the wrong place? Any extra info is helpful!

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In my phone (Android) the button simply doesn’t do anything when I click on it.

Is the link not working maybe?
When clickin on it, I’m asked to sign in to Patreon, and my credentials are not working.

The other one regarding Euros is working properly though.

Hey @rubenfcid, are you still unable to see the article? We were having some site trouble earlier today when you replied, that may be it! Let me know if you still can’t access though.

Yes, I’m still unable to see it , either from computer or phone.

Its great news, but wish the button would be more visible, easier to access…like in the header of the site.


@rubenfcid sorry the link isn’t working for you! Here is it again though:

@Pau thanks for letting me know, I’ve told the team!

@CLUBSUB I hear ya! I’ll share the feedback.

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

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Still the same I’m afraid. Is anyone experiencing that issue?

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Reyna, and also all the Patreon team
My patrons and me want to tell you…



Muchísimas gracias!!!


@rubenfcid hmm are you having any other issues on Patreon? I’m thinking it may be a bigger issue with your account, if your login info isn’t working.

Could you clarify which button it is that isn’t working? The team would like to look into this but we need to know what exactly is broken. Thanks!

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Not at all. As I said, when using the other link, I was redirected correctly, and I’m using my creator page as usual. This is the first time I come across a login request when visiting a support article.

Hi, @reyna: When I click on this button, it changes its color, but nothing else happens, it won’t open the menu to switch language. I’m using the navigator of a Redmi 3 phone. Please let me know if you need other informations.

By the way, I agree with others in thinking that the top of the page would be a better place to display this button.

Thank you!

Thank you for the screenshot and extra details, this is very helpful! I’ve passed your feedback along to the team.

@reyna - same problem as noted by @rubenfcid - I get a login screen and can’t proceed. This happens on Mac OS with Firefox.

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In my case, from a Xiaomi browser I’ve been able to enable spanish. However, I agree that menu should be at the top ( I didn’t see it until reading these comments ).

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@rubenfcid @Michael_Loucks thanks both for the feedback! No updates yet, but the team is looking into this.