Patreon Landing Page for New Subscribers?

Hey all!

My band releases a new track each month via Patreon, as well as exclusive videos, etc. A number of our new subscribers had heard about this, and have emailed me with questions like “how to I get the link to song/video X”, and I would tell them to scroll through the published posts until they find the song they’re looking for.

I thought it might be easier to just make a “landing page” for new (or old!) subscribers that would keep a list (including links) of everything we’ve released, in a “one-stop-shop” sort of way. I could accomplish this via a hidden page on our website, but we don’t use logins, so all a patron would have to do is publish the link to the world (or just their friends), and then we lose the incentive of making people sign up.

Is there either
A) a feature on Patreon somewhere (even if it’s just in development) that would help me accomplish this, or
B) a wordpress plugin that would allow passthrough to a page ONLY IF the person was logged into their account at Patreon?

I’m also open to any other ideas you all have!

Thanks much!

(For the curious:


That’s what tags are for. You connect all your song download posts through the same tag and then your patrons can access them by clicking on the tag. There is also a tag link you can easily share. It looks like this:[your-username]/posts?tag=[getyourperks-tag]


I agree with @TypographyGuru that tags are the way to go. For example, I tag all of my monthly webcast recordings using this URL:

Then, when a new patron joins who is waiting for the next live webcast, I message them and say “click this link to watch recordings of past webcasts while you are waiting for the next live webcast.”

By the way, tags can have spaces in them - that’s what the %20 in the URL represents.


I’m in the process of putting together an index on my website that has links to Patreon. It’s still in progress - but we just did buttons that link to the posts. On the video index we did a “Patreon only content” button for patron-only posts and “Worksheet” or other descriptive tags for the public posts. ( On the printable index page we just did one “Get the file” button for both locked and public posts - and I think I like that version better (

The effect that a person can only see the locked content if they’re logged into Patreon is already built in. If I gave you a link to one of my patron-only posts right now and you clicked on it, then you’d see my page and an invitation to join and unlock the post:

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Hi All -

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually ended up using the official Wordpress plugin, and created a hidden landing page on my band’s website that was locked at the $5+ level. That seems to have worked!

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