Patreon lens bug

so I just noticed you release some new thing called Lens.

a) it makes no sense to me what this is or how it works, what its function is. (and how to get rid of it from my page now)

b) I record a “lens” video on my phone. (sony xperia andriod) and the patreon app just opens a dialogue after recording it saying “cant play this video” and you can only select “ok” if I use gallery to pick a video already on the phone it says the same error.

very buggy app generally guys Im not sure if its fit for purpose and a lot of my patreons are complaining about it.


lens has been around for a while, it’s basically instagram stories for patreon. and if you’re having technical difficulties with it, you can try submitting a bug report.

is it for pictures only?

I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person thats worked around IT for a long time. and I have no idea what this thing is for, it makes zero sense. I can take pictures on my phone and then see these wierd pictures come up on the top of my patreon page and it sort of zooms in when I click them I dont thin I have any means to deleted them and no idea how my patreons see them or what its for. its just so basic and un-intuitive. It lets me record videos but these then error out on the lens. just bizarre I dont think patreon are thinking through these features or testing them properly. half my patreons tell me they cant use the app to add pictures to community threads. literally nothing works properly. investment and expertise is needed here.

anyone from patreon reading or commenting please/

Hi @rover8200 - sorry for the delay! Lens is available to creators who want to offer “behind the scenes” style rewards. You can upload photos and videos and you decide who sees it: it can be a private benefit for a one patron (or a group of patrons) or it can be public so folllowers can get a taste of what to expect if they become a patron.

These Help Articles walk you through how to make a Lens post:

And this Help Article shows patrons how to use it.

If Lens isn’t working properly for you, please send a ticket to the support team so they can investigate.

I hope this helps!

ok so the problem is, no one uses your app, its simply too buggy and clunky. This is sort of an “instagram”-y type feature. But it just looks wierd when you add these lens and you then go to the web page. It creates some funny looking thing that it zooms in on but you cant really see it properly.

The vast majority of my patreons want to use patreon via the app but most of them report to me they cant use it this way because there are just too many bugs. Im not sure the lens things works.

Our thoughts are the patreon app needs rebuilding again from the start. I also think “patreons” vision of how their service is being used by creators and supportors does not properly align with the reality of how its being used.

thank you for replying though I appreciate it.

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