Patreon main page - Cover Suggestion

So! i just discovered that we can upload gifs to the covers , and also tiers~
that is very new to me , and have a few ideas that i would use for that.

but, why not make a little big in that regards? >:3

Ok, so my idea is basically make a slideshow of covers.

we had seen news like that, slideshows showing the highlights of what is happening and what we can get,
something like actually promoting certain public post in regards of what people would expect if they pledge.
not only that , they can also have links to that post, making a huge impact on people that way.

this could be costly / hard to code , i know, but seemed good enough to bypass the chance to actually get a really good motion without much effort.
plus, it could much more people to really watch more of the good works that we are proud to show.