Patreon messages (problem in firefox!)

When I use patreon on my laptop with firefox, I cannot scroll up within any conversation. This didn’t happen to me until a couple of months ago. Am I the only one with this problem?

I’ve noticed that with Chrome everything is working fine, but as I am a Firefox user I would like to know if this problem will be solve in a near future.

Thank you!!


I’m seeing this problem as well.


im having this issue in firefox and safari on my iphone

Me too and as I only use Firefox and get a lot of messages, this is quite frustrating.

I’m having the same issue. I can’t read my initial email to the group so I don’t know exactly what I asked them! Ooops. I got around it somewhat by reducing the overall font size of my browser as small as it would go - but it’s really hard to read then!

No answers here, though and I see you posted almost 3 weeks ago. Is there another way we can ask the higher ups?
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I also use firefox and this seems to be a problem (though I don’t have many long messages, so I had to shrink the window size to test)

Same issue here. Very frustrating!

Hey all, thanks for surfacing this messenger issue! I’ve shared with the team and will share an update when I hear more.

When I have posted a lengthy reply to one of my patrons messages I can’t scroll back through the conversation.

Is this a problem with my Firefox browser, or does the message conversation panel just not scroll?

Surely I must be able to scroll up somehow?

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