Patreon Messages - Search Function + Photo Attachment

Hello Patreon,

Is it possible in the future to have “search” function in the messages / patreon inbox? It would be extremely helpful for creators if we we have this. I hope there will be a time that photo attachment (private message) would be possible in the future too.

Thank you!


Hi @rainbowholic, thank you so much for sharing this feedback! These are great idea’s I’ll definitely take back to the team for future updates.

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I agree! I have been wanting for a while now to be able to send patrons their own private commissions (I’m an intuitive artist that makes highly personal work that maybe patrons would feel not as comfortable sharing with the group)
So far, I’ve gotten around it by posting it on the main page and privately messaging each patron and telling them that the next post is for them (and not naming them in the main post) but I would love to also have this option.
Anyway, first post, and thanks for creating this forum. It means a lot that Patreon wants to help creators so directly. I am very happy to be here. :slight_smile:


And we’re happy to have you here, @purplelanternstudio! Thanks for sharing your get-around tip. :slight_smile:


Happy to help @reyna !
Also, a big hello to @rainbowholic who I love to watch on YouTube. Your stationary videos are so relaxing and healing :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support! And I agree that this feature would be very useful for us :slight_smile:


Hi there I’m new to Patreon and just getting started

I’d love to be able to send my Patreons a file - when they join as they all have membership numbers and I have created a membership badge image that I want to send them - with their name and number on it - is there any way to do this through Patreon - I could drop it to them on other media as I know them but
would prefer it to keep all coms via Patreon.