Patreon Messages Suggestion

I have a suggestion regarding the Patreon Message feature. While I love using Patreon Messages, it can be very frustrating sometimes.
There needs to be a way to search back through sent messages, without gaps of months and years when you scroll past the last 20 or so messages. I have found myself many times looking back over the Patreon messages only to encounter these gaps at random, where messages from 2015 are maintained and messages from 3 months prior, for example, have disappeared.
Either a search per by patron name or by date range would be very helpful and would fix this issue.
I send out my monthly rewards via Patreon message and it has worked well for me, except for when I need to look into the history of something, as in the case of refunds and sent rewards, etc.
Just a suggestion on something that I think would make the messaging feature a lot more useful.


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