Patreon New Year's Resolutions for 2020?

Happy Holidays, everyone! :tada:

As 2019 comes to a close, I’m starting to get excited about a fresh start in 2020. Patreon has been such a crucial part of my career as an artist, and I really want to introduce some fresh changes/special offers for January 2020 to help out my Patrons with their own New Year’s resolutions! :grin:

Some of my ideas from my latest quick brainstorming session:

  • Exclusive postcard for all new patrons this month PLUS all currently existing patrons (I usually only ship physical rewards to my higher reward tiers, but for this month I could ship it to everyone)
  • Extra rewards for this month only (I offer art/painting tutorials, so I could make extra this month to help people who want to learn how to paint for their new year’s resolutions)
  • Allowing lower price tiers to access higher price rewards just for this month
  • Shipping special thank you gifts to Patrons who have been pledged for the entire year of 2019 (maybe a custom gift box with exclusive prints and merchandise + handwritten thank you card?)
  • Asking my Patrons to share their New Year’s resolutions/art goals, and then catering this month’s tutorials/videos to help with the most common/popular requests

Is anyone else doing something special for your Patreon in the new year? I’d love to hear some of your ideas as well on how we can all give back to our community and make our Patrons feel special! :two_hearts:

Thank you all for your time and I wish everyone a very safe and happy New Year! Here’s to a fantastic start to the new decade! :kissing_heart:



Thanks so much for making this thread @happydartist! I love your goals, are you set on doing all of them, or did you pick a select few?

If you need a bit of help planning for 2020, here are some questions that will help you plan your strategy and creator path for the new year:

  1. Our Patreon strategy will be successful at the end of 2020 if _____________
  2. Three big goals I’d like to accomplish in 2020
  3. Three lessons I learned last year
  4. How I will apply those lessons in 2020
  5. Three skills I’d like to learn in 2020
  6. Three things preventing me from being successful and achieving my goals in 2020, and what I will do about them
  7. Three habits I did in 2019 that I’d like to stop doing
  8. Three new habits I’d like to start doing in 2020

I used a template from Steve Schlafman to do my annual review and planning this year, and adapted some of his questions for creators here. If you want to do his full template (takes several hours), check it out here:

Thanks for sharing @happydartist and @mindy! My #1 goal on Patreon is to be more regular with my posting. I think in the past I worried that I might “bother” patrons by posting too frequently and what ended up happening was that I was only posting to my patrons once or twice a month.

This year I have a weekly reward (early video release and a patron-only pdf document that accompanies the weekly video) that I’m putting out. Once I feel like that’s in stride and going well, I have a few other things I’d like to add. So far it’s been really nice for me to have the scheduled weekly content, both for YouTube and patreon.

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