Patreon Page Critique

Hi everyone, My name is Julian ’m a illustrator based in England. I love mythology and fantasy and love illustrating mythical beasts and bringing to life lesser know mythologies like that of the Yoruba, and their Orisha gods.

I was wondering if you could take a look at my Patreon page and give me any advise on how it could be improved, all critics welcomed.




your page looks good enough, and your illustrations looks slick as heck , noice.

well i cant say that my page is a good example, cuz my income came from socialize on … pages…


but something that never fails, is add some lore, make some short stories, and if you like some fun, have some little quickies here and there, personally love some fun with the creations, or just the maker have their fun with their own works.

your work alone is good enough, but i dont really know where you can fully unveil your power.
but making fanart always works, and your style reminds me a lot of games or dark fantasy
[Darkest Dungeon, Dont Starve are a few games that shares, not all, but some stuff of the style you have]

and be open for a few request , of course that is up to you entirely,
be spontaneous too~! that works with people that dont expect stuff so often


Hi Julian, I’m new here too and I think your page looks great, maybe some more blurb or writing about the beasts you’ve drawn pictures of.
I’m a writer of fantasy so I’ve followed your page as I think your style is great.
If you need any help with any writing or descriptions give me a shout, my page is still bare as I figure out what bits of writings I want to post.
I’m going to put paragraphs and chapters here and there as well as the main stories but I’ve got no pictures, so it’s the opposite of you.

Good luck


Hi Henkei usagi,

Thanks for commenting, I like the idea of adding more lore , I will also have to look in to the game you suggested

Thanks again it’s much appreciated



Hi Cat,

Thanks for the follow and info, looking forward to seeing your stories, as suggested I think more lore is a good route to go down

Thanks again


Hello, my names jefrey, writing from brooklyn, just about to launch my patreon and was curious any pointers as to how you launch the first release? I’m doing PER CREATION and have a new album “jefinitely!” I’m gonna be releasing a song per month.

Wanted to ask advice, specifically - I first send out email/texts to friends to sign up AND THEN (?) release a song so that I get paid for that? Or do I have, say, one song up so that when they sign up there’s something waiting for them? Then following on from there?

Big thx


Post something every month, so they have something new to look at when they arrive.

Post the song, then invite your audience to listen to it.


Hey Jefrey,

The way I launched ( I’m going to be doing a relaunch, due to unforeseen circumstances) was to have set goals I wanted to achieve, eg produce a set amount of illustration a month, create a book etc Then I created different tiers the patrons could subscribe at which gave different perks such as bookmark, art print access rough ketch etc.

I would say you need to build a following from an outside source like youtube, Tiktok, Spotify where people can find and enjoy your work which then links back to you Patreon where that can support you and find more content from you



Gotcha thanks @Th_Mole appreciate it

yeah I hear ya @julianberesford , I’m tryin to develop a “how I wrote/recorded/released” the album story on youtube. a kinda “along fer the ride” thing. thanks fer the pointers