Patreon Page Dedicated to Hijacking Art

I stumbled across a Twitter thread recently revealing someone who is running a Patreon page basically for stolen art.

tl;dr this individual takes pictures from Pixiv and superimposes them onto stock photos and does so for profit without the consent or permission of the artists.

Since she targets Japanese artists, language barriers can make it difficult for them to file a DMCA. Several have voiced complaints as they thought giving her permission simply to make an ‘edit’ didn’t include commercial gain. The use definitely doesn’t seem to fall under fair use, at least to me, not to mention Japan doesn’t have an actual fair use clause so that’s kinda a moot point.

The page in question is here:

I’m a bit passionate over protecting creators’ works and have been familiar with DMCA systems for a long time. I’m aware that a DMCA likely has to be submitted for any action to be taken, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to bring this up in a place where Patreon’s staff might be able to see it and offer suggestions, or maybe if staff would be willing to look into the matter as is and potentially take action.

And it also might be a good idea for there to be translations of a few of the zendesk pages on copyright, just to help individuals from non-English countries deal with content theft.

Thanks! I’ll flag for T&S to review.

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They moved to another account

Flagging this one too to Trust and Safety to review. Let me know if more pop up.

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