Patreon page very slow!

Hi, I was wondering why my Patreon page - - is so slow at loading all of a sudden.
A few of my patrons have emailed/messaged me about this since Friday last week including one from Australia.
But I have to do multiple attempts at the moment to load my page in order to post. But this community pages loads super-fast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards

If you sign up for alerts here:

You’ll be notified of trouble with the site (including the massive outage which occurred less than two hours ago. There has been quite a bit of instability lately.

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Hi @Andy_Astbury, sorry you and your patrons were having trouble on the site this weekend! Like @Michael_Loucks mentioned, you can check the Patreon Status twitter account to confirm bugs or issues with the site.

If you or your patrons are still experiencing this please let me know!

There are page load problems again…the site has been extremely unstable today.

@Michael_Loucks we’re terribly sorry for the site outages the last few days. We published a blog post addressing this, you can read it here.

Thanks, @reyna, but this line:

To solve these issues, our engineering team is deploying immediate fixes on a daily basis,

is frightening, not reassuring.