Patreon - Patron Information (contact number requirement for ALL countries needed)

Hello Patreon!
We’re wondering if it’s possible to have the contact number details as a requirement for all patrons?

With the new mailing system changes happening (due to pandemic), we’ve finally decided to streamline our shipments and just use FedEx mainly for our mailable rewards (before, we ship via Japan POST and FedEx). Now, we’ve repriced our tiers and decided to stick with FedEx only. FedEx requires us to include contact number in the shipping labels. For some reason, USA-based patrons don’t have contact # info included in the .csv that we download every month. Attached below is the screenshot:

Also, it would be very helpful if you could add a new entry for contact # here too (patron info through relationship manager):

Not sure if there are other settings that we forgot to enable but here is our biggest pain point at the moment (asking patrons to give us their numbers manually). This is not very efficient to do.

Thanks for reading and for your time.

I’ve asked for this in the past as well. It is required by many mail and courier services and needs to be an option for creators to ask for. Some places will not let you mail anything without the recipients phone number and asking manually stinks!! Maybe give us a customizable field as I’m sure this isnt the only thing folks may need.

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