Patreon payout on hold again (2nd month)

So last month, patreon held my funds for a few days. I thought it was because I updated the account, but i was notified that it was actually because a patron’s suspicious account.

“When a suspicious individual attempts to make a pledge to you, occasionally your account may become frozen so that we can double check your account security. Everything appears to be in order, and the account is now unfrozen.

And then during the last 2 weeks (or maybe 1 week), I noticed that my account was on hold again (no account change). I had to change my payout method too so I did make the change. I got a notification that it will be on hold only during August 30.

“Paying out your account balance will be available on 2018-08-30 at 06:44:58 AM PST when the hold is released.”

I checked today and still, it’s on hold. I don’t know what’s happening because it’s 2 months in a row. Is it the creator’s fault for having suspicious patrons ? How can this be avoided? Because holding funds affects my work schedule / patreon business and processing of rewards. Of course, I do understand that there are scammers (haven’t experienced one) but I’m just a little bit lost about why my funds are being on hold again (need to withdraw soon)…


hey @rainbowholic, apologies for my delay in getting back to you. Are you still seeing a hold on your account? If so, please email guidelines@patreon and they can look into this and answer your questions.

I’m having the same problem too. Only thing I did was to fill and submit that tax form you ask us to fill W8BEN and then my payout was frozen because of "suspicious activity ":sleepy: I’m so so sad, I really needed my funds to pay some bills. I wish someone could explain me what’s going on. I had no idea this was going to happen :sleepy::sleepy:

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Hi @Diana, so sorry for my delay. If you’re still having trouble, please email email The team will be able to look into this and provide more context.

I’m having this same issue. I was supposed to receive my payout on Nov 5, and it never showed up. Then suddenly, on Nov 7 my account said “Your creator balance is on hold”. Half of my patrons are USD, and half are Euro. And one on Nov 7 decided to double their pledge simply because they love what I do and wanted to be generous. I’m not sure what prompted this hold, but I really need it resolved ASAP!

Also, I already emailed support and and have not yet received a response.

Hey @Lori_Ruri, I responded to your comment here just want to make sure you saw it.

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I experienced now the same. I have two accounts with Patreon. One “normal” (dauerblog) and this 18+ account. Three months it worked fine with the 18+ account and now they tell me something of “suspicious activities”, but I have no idea what that can be. Can anybody who experienced the same in the past tell me, what was the matter in his case that I get an idea?
That would be great.
For me that are very strange business practices and my trust in Patreon is limited now. I have no longer a good feeling.

Today Patreon released my account again. As an explanation they wrote that a person wanted to make a fraudulent payment and therefore my account was frozen for my safety so that it would not be compromised. The check has now ended and everything is OK. This statement is not very reassuring for me. If people want to pay with bad or stolen credit cards, they don’t have to freeze an account, but rather block the fraudster’s IP for further activity. Finished.


Hi everyone, I’m a new creator and have nice amount of sign ups but I’m getting frustrated with no answer from support. I have $2500 tied up and cant get it paid out. First it was set to release yesterday at noon 05/20/21, and that message is gone but it’s still on review by trust and safety and some reason of “suspicious activity.” So what do we have to do to get our funds?

@John_CTRT - I was able to work with our fraud team and have gone ahead and freed up your account so you should be all set to payout!

Thank you!!

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Same here. Today I tried to withdraw some funds and the message “suspicious activities” appeared. How do you know when this will be fixed? Patreon is my main source of income and this ties my hands.

Did you contact support? That’s the first step. Then you can ask here for help with the ticket.