Patreon Podcast Analytics


As one of our tier benefits we release a podcast version of our regular video content, but plan to switch to entirely original podcasts for our Patreon supporters. In order for us to truly evaluate if this is a viable long term idea for us though, we’d need some more analytics around the audio posts Patreon offers.

Data such as number of downloads, geography, tier level, time of day, and devices would be really helpful in evaluating the success of a Patron exclusive podcast.



Hi @TemplinInstitute! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Thanks for making this post. This is one our top 10 feature requests - more data from posts, especially download data and specific data just for podcasters. I’ve shared this with our team who would be working on this, thanks for taking the time to share your support of this feature.

Thanks Mindy. I’m specifically interested in better analytics on traffic sources. I want to know what’s driving traffic to my page to take advantage of it.


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