Patreon Promotion Tips for Social Media

I’ve used Patreon to promote my music and podcasts since 2014. But it wasn’t until I started a new Patreon page for my band, Brobdingnagian Bards, that was finally able to nail down three essential Patreon promotion tips for social media. The first three are kind of no-brainers, unless you’re just getting started. But I have never seen ANYONE do the bonus tip that is exclusive to the video.

  1. Every time you make a new post on Patreon, share the link on social media. This lets people know you have a Patreon page. You should do this even if the content is a locked post.

Just make the social media post a little more exciting, engaging and maybe add a little mystery and the post will engage even those who can’t access it.

  1. Use a Picture with every post. Text-only posts don’t do nearly as well as picture posts. Videos are okay if they are short and entertaining. But at the very least include a picture. Even if the picture has nothing to do with you, it’ll perform better.

  2. Engage everyone who responds to a post on social. I despise social media. So I haven’t responded to many posts of the years. I finally decided to change that behavior over the last three months. I’ve seen my social media explode.

Any response on social media is better than none. But if you can’t chat with folks too. So much the better!

To check out the mind-blowing simple bonus tip, watch the video.

So my awesome secret patreon promotion tip is…

Thank each person who signs up to your patreon page on social media.

“Wow! Thank you Joe Nameless for joining my Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. You are AMAZING!!! You can sign up to my patreon and get behind-the-scenes look at my music and live streaming concerts. Sign up at

You will be surprised by how great this works. I get a lot of sign ups. Just because they are fans and finally saw this post on social. Do it and tell me how much you love it!


I agree, but locked posts don’t show pictures, only a blurry nothing. I requested a long time ago that when sharing a locked post on social media, the picture should show (partially blocked by the banner that says patrons only) along with the first couple of lines of the post, in order to intrigue and entice. There is hardly any point in sharing locked posts at the moment, it’s like posting a blank wall. I hope this reminder can nudge the team a little bit.

Also, speaking to Patreon staff here, I’m noticing a pattern in my posts, I seem to always be pointing out lack of enticement and ways to change features so that outsiders will be tempted to join up. This necessity seems to be consistently overlooked, it’s time to seriously put some effort into that, guys! We can’t be sharp if all we have are blunt tools. I don’t mean to be harsh because I’ve met many of you and you’re all great, but I know the team is just not able to put themselves in the mindset of internet users that are different. An old-fashioned, in-house advertising course could be a jolly good idea.


@joumana Great feedback. I’ll make certain this gets shared.

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Once you post your link, upload your own image. Then Unhighlight the patreon locker post images. You should do this with all outside-Facebook limks


I shouldn’t have to, and it doesn’t solve the preview text question.

Love this! Gonna copy and reshuffle into my own wording! Used to do this actually, and forgot about it!

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Cool. Keep at it!

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I don’t understand why you don’t compose the “preview text” on Facebook? It may Sound easier, but I don’t think that’d be any more effective. In fact, I believe it’d be a lot less. They don’t need that. Keep it locked. Imho

That’s. Not. How. It. Works.

I’m gonna guess that either we’re talking about different things and there’s a big misunderstanding or you just don’t like my idea. Which is fine too. :slight_smile:

In case it’s the former, I’m attaching graphics of how to do what I’m suggesting. If I’m wrong, then I wish you the best with whatever you’re trying. Cheers!


I understood you the first time and I already said this is not good enough. What part of that did you not understand and how many times do you think you need to mansplain? My original description could not have been more precise, yet somehow you left out or didn’t bother to read half of it. You can stop repeating yourself now. It’s not you who needs to understand me, Carla got it and so will the team.

thank you for sharing!

I just wanted to make sure. But I see I offended you. My deepest apologies.



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What do you mean by that? When they sign up on Patreon you go search their social media profie (aka stalk them) and send them a message?

Not sure if this is a good approach. I mean, when they decide to be a patron, they will see the thank you page. I usually thank new patrons via the message function on Patreon itself.

One if the”rewards” is a thank you on social. I use the name they publish in Patreon as a thank you. I don’t include any links to them.

The goal is to be public and announce it. To provide the social proof.

Quick question @marc. Have you ever had anyone express that they didn’t want a social shoutout/thank you for signing up? I’d considered doing a public post - but I take internet privacy fairly seriously and I wasn’t sure if all of my patrons would want their name posted publicly, and it seemed too much work to go through the hassle of asking them and waiting to get a reply. Thoughts?

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My 2 cents: I totally understand the privacy thing and that’s a big worry for me too. If i do shoutouts I only ever give a first name (though most of my patrons have “fandom names” and don’t use their real names as their forward facing patreon names.) I guess on my end those whom i’ve done it for have also been artists/creators with their own patreon projects so it just seemed the right thing to do since i can advertise for their projects as well. But i think sending off a copy/paste message to people asking if they’d like it is totally okay, and copy paste makes it easier to mass message and very quick. If they don’t answer, then oh well. Just state in the reward tier that its optional/subject to their approval. If they don’t answer, then it’s just a no until they do, if ever. No big deal.


I haven’t.

That said, an alternative I occasionally use is to post their first name and maybe the first character of their last name.

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