Patreon + Reddit Partnership!

You Reddit here first: we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially joined forces with Reddit – a valuable tool for creators who want to build community and need a place to host discussion.

Together, we’ve built an integration that helps you engage more deeply with patrons, grow your membership business, and ultimately, spend more time creating. Today, we’re testing the integration with a few Patreon creators. It will be available to creators at the end of October.

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Aside from Amanda Palmer, who is getting this? Anyone on the forum tried it out yet? Where in the settings will we go to activate/administrate the integration?

I’m so curious and excited to try it out at some point!

Also: what happens to post flair if someone is a patron when they post and then later delete their patronage? (Related: my Discord bot doesn’t seem to remove privs when someone’s patronage ends)

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Thanks for the reply, @myrrh! so happy to hear you’re excited :slight_smile:

It will be available to creators at the end of October, I’ll update this thread with instructions on how creators can turn it on and links to help articles once it’s launched. I’ve asked the product team your flair question and will write back when I hear from them.

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@myrrh I can confirm if they delete their patronage, their flair should be removed. If you see that not happening on Discord, I’d write to the support team so they can take a look!


Hello! this partnership is now avaliable!

@myrrh instructions on how to set it up can be found here.


I just got back from PatreCon super jazzed about growing my Patreon membership and specifically about creating a subreddit for my podcast. I spend quite a bit of time this afternoon personalizing my subreddit (with the new format), went to go add it/flair as a perk to my tiers and boom. I get the message “NSFW creators are not eligible for this integration”.

That was another gut punch. My content is sexuality education, relationships, self-development - NOT explicit content. No nudity, erotica, or anything meant to titillate (and nothing even hinting at that or “walking the line” by being “suggestive”). Those things are not allowed on my subreddit either. It’s a place for LGBTQI, alt-relationship, alt-sexuality people to find community and feel not so alone. I know you all are working on finding a category for creators like me because we don’t really fall into an “explicit” bucket even though we do discuss more mature content at times. In the meantime, is there anything that can be done about this Reddit integration block? Reddit is a perfect place to connect with folks that need this type of content and I was really excited about the integration-- just to find I’m blocked from using it.

Do I have any hope of being able to get around this? Can this be reviewed on a case-by-case basis?

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Hi there, I understand that would be frustrating to put in all the work to receive a blocker at the end of the integration.

Currently the integration is available to all Patreon creators, but it is dependent on partner (Reddit) guidelines. Patreon and Reddit are actively working together to resolve use cases like yours. There should be a form to fill-in when you get the error on Reddit’s platform to sign-up for updates on this program.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback, this helps to inform our partnerships and projects.


Thank you. Yes, I did fill out the form with a comment similar to the above. My worry is it would go into the abyss with no human actually reviewing it (as is almost always the case with things like this). I’ll wait to see if I hear anything. thanks!

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hi! Lei from Reddit here and I read your feedback. Can you reach out to me directly at I maybe able to help.


Thanks, Lei! Emailing now.

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I’m only mildly familiar with Reddit. I’d be really interested to hear how people intend to use this integration? At the moment, I’m not seeing what the potential might be, and how this might be used in connection with a Patreon campaign. Would appreciate examples! :slight_smile:

Hi @FutilityCloset! On a high level, this is partnership allows you to:

  1. Make a subreddit around your creations and encourage your community to join it
  2. On your Patreon page, it shows the benefit in the tiers you choose, plus on your subreddit, there’s a promotional widget that links back to your Patreon page.
  3. Not only will your patrons get to sport a patron-only badge of pride next to their comments and content in your community, but the rest of your Reddit community will have the opportunity to sign up to become a patron straight from Reddit — a great way to convert new fans to patrons.

This blog has all the information plus I just uploaded the reddit talk from PatreCon where 2 creators discuss with the reddit team on how this partnership works for them. This is still a pretty recent partnership so I’m afraid I don’t have too many anecdotes about that but I’m hoping that any creators in here that have started using it can talk to that. I know a few are thinking about it so let’s discuss it and any questions you might have together :slight_smile:

Thanks, @mindy. Definitely something to think about!

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Hi Sunny! I know you emailed Lei and I’ve worked with him directly on a solution for you. Can you email me at and I’ll walk you through it! Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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Just seeing this now-- will do. Thanks!!!

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