Patreon server issues blocking my site

I’m sure everyone is aware of the payments processing issues over the past few days, but I just noticed that apparently due to my having the Patreon WordPress plugins installed, my entire personal website is now inaccessible while Patreon is in maintenance mode.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, short of deactivating the plugins? In any case, I can’t even access my WP admin console to even deactivate the plugins while this is going on…

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The system is in maintenance mode.
Updates here

Patreon, @mindy please give us some information so we can update our patrons, when we can access the site.

Right, Patreon itself is in maintenance mode. But it’s kind of alarming that it would cause my entire website to be inaccessible just because I have the Patreon WP plugins installed. Worst case scenario I would hope that the plugin functionality itself would temporarily break—not my entire website.

Hi @tomangell, I checked with the team and there was an update 2 days ago that should fix this. You can read more about that here:

We’re also hoping to be out of maintenance mode very very soon which should hopefully solve the problem quicker for you.

Thanks. For what it’s worth I have 1.2.3, which I believe is the version of the plugin you linked, installed. BTW my web guy was able to temporarily bring my site back by doing some server-side magic to manually deactivate the Patreon plugins while this is going on.