Patreon Site Down Again

It’s the error jukebox – in three tries to load my page I’ve gotten a 503 error, a 504 error (gateway timeout from Cloudflare), and an “Internal Server Error”.

I really wish this sort of thing didn’t happen. Hope there are no potential patrons looking just now…

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An hour later, it’s switched to “down for maintenance”. I should say.

Who decided to push changes on the first of the month, though? Sheesh!

Hey Aaron, thanks for making this thread. We did experience some downtime yesterday and deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused in that time. The Patreon Support twitter account is the best place to keep informed on our status in the future :slight_smile:

Hey @mindy,
Maybe Patreon could start thinking of consolidating the information source of all the reports.
We currently have Twitter for system status, blog/emails for system novelties, this community for random customer support…

I wonder why there’s nothing like that within on our own page feeds or, better yet, inside the Patreon app…

Are there any plans on something like that?

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We are working on improvements to this area but that’s all I can say for now :blush: I hope to bring you more updates on this in the future, and in the meantime, the support Twitter account is regularly updated for things support.

Do you have any feedback specifically for this forum? As that’s what I am working on at the moment and have most control over.

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This morning, no amount of reloading seems to help me:

Also, kind of dumb that I can’t start a new thread with the same title. The more the site goes down, I guess the more agains I’m going to have to add. :slight_smile:

Actually, that makes a lot of sense. When the issue is exactly the same, you can just add to your old topic instead of starting from scratch.

Hi there! If the site goes down, you can be assured that our team is immediately notified and trying to fix the problem. The support team will then be alerted and will tweet updates if it’s a site-wide, creator-wide issue that looks to be lasting a long time, instead of a minor blip.

As @TypographyGuru mentioned, that is an intentional forum decision to ensure that repeat threads of the same topic don’t keep getting created. Updating an old thread and tagging me works just as well as making a new one :slight_smile: On that note, I will merge this one so we have one mega thread for when the site goes down.