Patreon Status

hi everyone! we had some downtime this morning so I thought I’d make a thread where you can come with questions about technical stuff.

if you’re getting weird errors, dead pages, or anything else odd…

  1. check the Patreon Support twitter account as they are the first to know about any technical issues
  2. post in here and I’ll investigate for you :mag:
  3. if it looks like a longterm bug, writing into the support team is best:

Has it been noted that the Share button’s visibility options flyout gets truncated no matter the size of the browser window? I always have to select Public and then use my the arrow buttons and hopefully land on the $5 and up selection. Would be nice to be able to see the whole list and just click which one I want. Perhaps you could add some text or an image at the bottom of those pages so the page is longer than the flyout.

hey @Pippi thanks for the report! this sounds like a bug or product feedback and would be best sent to the support team. please write in here with as much detail as possible:

Our teams are currently investigating intermittent 500 Errors when attempting to access parts of the site. We’ll let you know as soon as we have updates to share.

UPDATE: Thank you for your patience. The issue involving intermittent 500 errors has been resolved by our engineering team. If you’re still seeing an error message please try refreshing the page.