Patreon streaming platform

Does Patreon have planned to have their own streaming platform directly connected to the creator’s campaign page? Like being a potential competence to Twitch and Youtube.

-Twitch and Youtube wasn’t made to stream art. Patreon is aimed to artists, so there is an advantage here, you can create more categories related to art!
-Twitch and Youtube doesn’t allow adult content on art. Patreon does.
-Patreon could perfectly create a campaign to support this idea to cover server costs. I’m pretty sure that people would support this idea.
-Developing a more accesible custom emoji system than Twitch encourages more people to use it. With that I mean, that creators could create all the tiers they want with all the amount of emojis they want and price them as they please without Twitch taking the 50% of the money when people subscribe.
-Team with Streamlabs would be useful.


Great idea.

As a games developer this would be big for us. Live streaming 3D modeling, texturing, level design etc would be a fantastic perk for our Patreons.

The 10 second lens clips that vanish after 24 hours are mysterious; I can’t figure out how meaningful content can be squeezed into such short clips.

Of course, hosting bandwidth and data isn’t exactly free but AWS is tremendous for this :wink:

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Hey all, wanted to update this post with some more info. Currently Patreon’s focus is solely on helping creators nurture direct relationships with their audience. We do hear similar requests from creators in other verticals, like podcasters (who want Patreon to provide more audio features) and visual artists (who want Patreon to provide more image hosting catalogues). As we look to prioritize what features to build next, we’re looking at things that all creators can utilize and are currently frustrated by, like messaging and notifications. This is especially true when there are lots of companies and tools out there to solve hosting content online. To try and fill this gap while we’re still growing, we partner with companies to hopefully help, like CrowdCast. Please let us know if there are tools you would especially like Patreon to partner with!

I hope that helps provide a little more insight into things, and thank you again for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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