Patreon strikes again with Payoneer confusion

Just got an email from Payoneer asking for W8BEN-E information on behalf of Patreon.

Now, I could have sworn that Patreon already have a proper W8BEN-E from us. However Payoneer’s form, as good as it is, does rather seem to require some sort of expert in American tax forms to fill out correctly. I filled it in as best I could but frankly… I’m annoyed at having to do it at all. In that British annoyed sort of way, where I pretend it’s not really much of a bother but I could probably nip out the back and strangle all of your pets in a cold murderous rage sort of way.

I don’t know why it’s annoyed me so much, but there you go.

Cas :slight_smile:


Yeah I received the same thing, and I don’t even use Payoneer. It’s connected to an old bank account that I cannot change, so I never use it.

Why am I required to do this when I have already, and with a service I don’t even use?

I also got that email. Please, can anybody from Patreon tell us if you really asked them to ask us that information? And also, what do W9, W8 ECI and W8 BEN mean?
Living in Spain, do we have to fill in that information too?

Thank you very much!

Hey @puppygames @Ghool @Pau thanks for reporting this. We have reached out to Payoneer for clarification as numerous creators have reported this situation.

To be updated with information as soon as we find out, please write in to the Patreon support team. This helps us keep track of all impacted creators and then we can notify everyone at the same time when we learn more - they will find out before me so I recommend you contact them. Thanks!

UPDATE: Just wanted to update you about the email today some creators received from Payoneer asking them to fill out a W8. The email did come from Payoneer but it was a mistake on Payoneer’s part. Patreon creators were not intended to receive this email. Please disregard it and there is no need to fill out the form. We’re working with Payoneer to investigate what happened and understand how many creators were effected.