Patreon Support Badge Tiers Emojis?

So this is a somewhat random idea but I was watching Twitch today and was wondering if Patreon could implement an idea similar to twitch in which different tier supports have an icon appear next to their name on their posts and repliesā€¦ OR perhaps they get a badge for the amount of time they have supported you, much like twitch.

Basically, it would look something like this:

(Tier 1 Supporter)
:grinning:UserName1: Cool post!!

(Tier 2 Supporter)
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:RandomUserName: Hey this is awesome!

(Tier 3 Supporter)
:partying_face:RandomPerson1: Sweet!!!

Or maybe some combination of a badge + maybe 3MO, 6MO, 1YR, icons next to their name example:

(Tier 2 supporter for 6 months)
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::six:RandomUserName1: Cool idea!!!

These would be viewable whenever the person posts, replies to a post or comment. And of course creators could customize the icons/badges etcā€¦

It seems like a simple way to offer rewards that I believe some people will take pride in. Also, as a creator it gives me a simple way to shout out to someone who has been supporting for certain milestones.

I hope I explained this well. Lemme know your thoughts!


This is definitely something Patreon needs to at least look at. Twitch is a thriving membership platform in its own right, and they have built that on the back of rewarding fans for their consistent and lengthy support. I remember about a year or so ago Jack mentioned not being too familiar with Twitch as a platform. Iā€™m hoping that may have changed and trickled down, because Twitch gets it in terms of recognizing supporters.


Thanks Yuuriā€¦ and yeah this is kinda a status symbol, something you have to earn. It builds a sense of ownership around being a supporter. It doesnt cost anything to anyone but it gives the supporter and the creator milestones to look at and possibly reward/recognize!


Love this idea! No sure how it would be implemented but love it just the same!


Love this idea and for Patrons it is a real status symbol. I started with YouTube memberships about a year ago and never thought about individual icons, but my audience asked for it and now they celebrate, when they reach a new milestone.

I really believe that in combination with the ā€œmonthā€ icon, Patrons will think twice at the end of the month if they cancel the membership and return again next month of if they like to get the badge for 6 months, 12 months, etc.

Itā€™s a very easy game and you see on your Apple watch with their crazy rings - if they tell you, you get a special badge when you walk on ā€œThanksgiving dayā€ 5 miles - you really think about it and will do itā€¦ just for a digital badge, but also for the recognitionā€¦

Oh yes - and ā€œHappy Thanksgivingā€ to all creators and the Patreon teamā€¦ hope you also have a wonderful time with your familiesā€¦ :heart:


or even to have custom emojis, that creators can upload, but also search button that searches within the patreonā€™s account only.