Patreon support is ignoring my Counter Notice, which is Illegal

Me, and other artists has been dealing with some false claim
And patreon supports has been unhelpful, let alone fair

THIS is the email that one of the victim artist

It’s 17 U.S.C. 512, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, specifically 17 U.S.C. 512 (g)(2)(B) which specifies forwarding counter-notifications “promptly” is a requirement to be exempt from liability in matters of removed content.

I’ve sent a counter notice, and its been 8 days since i sent one, and still got no reply. It feels like the Patreon support team doesn’t care this issue, even though they broke the law.

I have proofs that the claim was merely a troll, yet all of that ignores by the support team. Even though the troll claims post on my official twitter account, and i got all that claims back up again.

If you keep doing this, you’ll hurt the creators, by just not being fair and legal.

Hey @burgerpayment, this forum is for creator connection and education, not legal issues. Please keep corresponding with the legal team on this issue for further assistance.