Patreon vs Owen Benjamin

Have you heared about this?

Would be nice to get from Patreon an offical statement if they survive this lawsuite in the worst case?

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As for the case, the chances that Patreon would comment here about an ongoing legal case are pretty much non-existent.

thank you, fixed both links.

Yeah, talking about on-going litigation isn’t likely to happen, however, iIt was talked about on the Discord Server and this was a response from the Patreon admin there:

Reyna | Patreon Team07/31/2020
Hey folks, :wave:

So we’ve heard the chatter and see that there are some concerns about the recent decision in the lawsuit we filed and wanted to clarify some things. First, there is nothing to worry about overall, litigation is an unfortunate fact of doing business and Patreon deals with a lot of it, the same as any other platform.

Specifically in this situation, we filed a lawsuit to bring some frivolous arbitrations into court because these claims should be decided in court under our terms of use. Unfortunately the judge denied our preliminary injunction against those claims proceeding in arbitration, so we’ll now deal with these in arbitration while we proceed to the next stage of the lawsuit.

It seems some of those who are involved in organizing these arbitrations are reporting that we are going bankrupt as a result of these claims. I can assure you that is not true and it appears they are making those claims to try and keep up morale on their side and convince more people to bring claims against Patreon.

I hope this helps provides some comfort. Have a great weekend, friends!

Thanks @Subguide - a fairly standard 'non-response response which says something most of us know - lawsuits, etc, are a fact of life in the US, and companies make provisions for them. The articles stated that the final decision hadn’t yet been issues, and if they’re simply at the ‘preliminary injunction’ stage, all manner of court action will occur before there is any resolution. In my layman’s view, even the statement:

so we’ll now deal with these in arbitration while we proceed to the next stage of the lawsuit.

is a bit premature. With regard to California law, nothing is fully settled until the California Supreme Court issues a ruling, or both parties decide not to appeal from a ruling of a lower court. And them of course, the Federal Courts can have their say on certain matters.