Patreon Website Stats (Please Add)

Why don’t you all add a % viewed to pledge statistic. I’d like to know how many people visited my Patreon site, and what % of them actually pledged. I think some kind of statistic on new page viewers would be invaluable.

Maybe further down the road, allow for A/B testing so I can track what’s drawing in more new pledges than others. Little changes to my site’s wording even.


Hey @Here_Be_Barr, you can Google Analytics to track statistics like page visits, referrals, and demographics, etc. See how to add this to your Patreon in the link below:

Hello, can you guys allow us to have this kind of feature to our Cover photo. Or at least allow this portion to be modified by html editor. I am Struggling on how to make the patrons aware of my previous releases. I think this can help the patreon creators a lot.

please check this image: